Community Ele'te 

Reaching from the Inside Out!

Tashima A. De'Oblique is a native of Richmond, VA. She has had a passion to prevent and educate the community on domestic abouse and HIV/AIDS pervention for 17 years. She is a certified HIV Test Counselor.

In 2015 she worked as a Volunteer Outreach Director and Testing Counselor with Nationz Foundation. While with Nationz Foundation she conducted club and street outreach within the Richmond Area.  

It is her vision  to make a difference in the Transgender and L.G.B.T.Q community, by providing resources and education to the community on HIV, along with ways to recogonize domestic abuse.  She desires to erase the stigma of LBGTQIA+ community and bring unity.  This organazation  she has founded will offer, condom distribution, resource linkage, emergency housing for victims of domestic abuse and employment assistance.

Tashima A. De'Oblique

Founder of Community Ele'te

In April of 2012, Community Ele'te was formed as a small community group, inspired to work in the community.  With the focus to create ways to bring unity to the community. This was done by reaching out to diffrent communities with in the Richmond area and informing the LBGTOIA+ community of resources available to them.  

As of June 10, 2016 Community Ele'te became Non-Profit Organization in Central Virginia. It is the mission of Community Ele’te to establish unity, provide safe sex awareness and education, linkage to resources, emergency housing assistance, and empower the community to make positive lifestyle decisions. While encouraging them to be a positive role model, give back to the community with faith, determination, dedication and a humbled heart.

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